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book cover designs to fall in love with

meet the gal behind the designs...

Kim Wilson is the owner and head (aka only) designer at KiWi Cover Design. So who the heck is she? And why is she talking about herself in third person? It's creepy, right?

Okay, I'll stop.


The short answer is, I'm a romance reader and author, turned cover designer. 

The long answer is... long.

When I started this journey, I had no intention of turning it into a business. I was just a girl whose creativity needed a new outlet. I wanted to make pretty things for myself. Never did I imagine I'd put writing aside to focus on making those pretty things for other people. Yet, here I am. 

When friends and near-strangers ask you to help solve their book cover crisis, how can you possibly say no? Well, I didn't. And I'm SO GLAD.

Now, I love working with other authors to create book covers that are beautiful, marketable, and delivered on time. (and don't forget on budget).

The rest, as they say, is history.

A little side note: If you came here looking for Kim Bailey, that's me! I decided it was time to go back to my maiden name, hence, the rebranding from Bailey to KiWi.

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