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Please Note: Bailey Cover Boutique is now KiWi Cover Design

cover design portfolio

Kit by SM West
Prophet by SM West
Keeping You by Lena Hendrix
Friends to Lovers vol 1
Shooting Stars
Fight for it_ebook HI RES
Merry Kiss Me by Louise Lennox
Kiss of Life by Louise Lennox
Kiss of Fate
Kiss of Karma
The Changeup by AM WIlliams
The Fastball by AM WIlliams
The Screwball by AM Williams
The Knuckleball by AM WIlliams
The Slider by A.M. Williams
The Curveball by A.M. Williams
Love & Other Trouble by Jackie Walker
Love & Other Lies by Jackie Walker
Love & Other Mistakes by Jackie Walker
Love & Other Chaos by Jackie Walker
The Love Hack by Lauren Helms
It's Always Been You by A.M. Williams
Deal Breaker by Julie Archer
Love on the Rocks by Kim Bailey
Stuck with You by Moni Boyce
Second Start by S.E. Rose
Enemies to Lovers Vol 2 by Various
Something New by B. Ivy Woods
The Christmas Spark by A.M. Williams
Enemies to Lovers Vol1 by Various
She Lies Beneath by Frances Powell
Aschemond by Diana Will

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sold premade designs

The Wild Man_ebook
Country Strong ebook
Tangled Hearts ebook
one & only ebook
Fighting for Love ebook
BAD for you ebook
Beautiful Lover ebook
Defending Her Honor ebook
too hot to handle ebook
Prince of CyberPunk ebook (watermark)
You broke me firstebook
save a horse ebook
ruin me ebook
Mercenary ebook
Hard to Hold premade
Forever the one ebook
hello ebook
falling for her bodyguard ebook
day dreaming ebook
Hidden Truths ebook
after hours ebook
The Lies We Tell ebook

promotional graphics

Love & OL_teaser 3.2
Love & OL_teaser 2.2
Love & OC_teaser 1
Love & OC teaser 3
Love & OM_teaser 1
Love & OM teaser 3
TLH teaser 1
TLH teaser 2 alt
SN teaser 1
SecondStart teaser 1
Stuck with You teaser 3
LOTR teaser 4
DB teaser 4
IABY teaser 3
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